An "Enter-Training" Experience!

An "Enter-Training" Experience!

Whether you are looking for a one hour dynamic keynote presentation or a fun filled and educational full day workshop, Eliot's entertaining programs are guaranteed to make your next event memorable with many take-away's that can be implemented immediately by each audience member with ease.

Body Language Influence: The Science of Silence

It's hard to know what someone is really thinking, especially when you first meet them in person or online. You want to be able to build rapport and understand their emotions, but it's tough to do so accurately, without any formal training.


Non-verbal communication skills are essential. Most people rely on their intuition or guesswork when it comes to reading body language, which can lead to miscommunication, misunderstandings and in professional sales, missed opportunities.


Decoding body language accurately is a learned skill. This training will teach your team members everything they need to know about how to read and respond to the body language of others, in a most “enter-training”, fun and interactive experience.



Watch A Live Presentation

In this short ThinkTalks presentation Eliot covers off the critical keys to effective communication including,

  • Rapport
  • The Gut Feeling
  • First Impressions

Watch A Live Presentation

In this short ThinkTalks presentation Eliot covers off the critical keys to effective communication including,

  • Rapport
  • The Gut Feeling
  • First Impressions

D. Brooke Phemister

Manager, National Conferences

"Your overall rating was the highest in the conference...You can't get any better than that!"

Deception Detection: The Truth About Lying

It’s no secret that deception is all around us. In business however, not being able to detect deception can cost money, time, relationships and sales to only name a few.

On the average, it’s estimated that we experience deceptive behaviour 10 times per day, and that the average person can not tell when they're being lied to 50% of the time!

Deception Detection: The Truth About Lying offers the world's most effective techniques for decoding lying, masking and deceptive behaviour. Our methods are based on scientific research into how the body, face and eyes give away hidden emotions. This training is interactive, fun and fast paced with reference to videos, live demonstrations and interactive role play. Perfect for all client facing, executive leadership, middle management and HR teams.

Elsom Eldridge Jr.

Conference Attendee: Orlando, FL

"Eliot has an entertaining way of bringing home the power of non-verbal communication and its pre-eminent importance in persuasive business"

Talk The Talk: HR Communication Skills That Influence Change

Trying to make sure your HR team understands the dynamics of leadership can be a frustrating process. It's hard to know how to train them in the right way that will ensure their success.

Without the right training, your HR team might struggle with communicating with confidence, leading and motivating their teams, which makes it difficult for you to get the results you need from your employees.

This training program is designed specifically for HR teams so they can learn effective and advanced influence skills, understand others’ emotional states accurately, lead and build teams effectively, and become irresistibly magnetic communicators.

Our approach is casual and engaging, so you'll be able to apply what you learn right away. We make learning HR communication both easy and fun.

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Find Your Voice Now: Unleash The Leader Within

As a leader, do you find your team isn't performing as much as you know they can? Maybe you're struggling to hold them accountable and keep them focused on their goals.

Your team's success holds the key to moving forward with your business. But trying to get them there while keeping them motivated and inspired can be a never-ending battle.

Take the guesswork out of finding solutions with Find Your Voice Now: Moving Teams & Motivating People —an advanced corporate training program designed specifically for managers and leaders.

With this program, you'll learn how to unlock the inner potential of each person in your team, build trust and empower them to perform at their peak potential so that they will deliver the results that you are looking for.

Lisa McLellan

Conference Attendee: Chicago IL

"Eliot Hoppe is an energetic and exciting speaker. He couples humor with valuable information to deliver a truly fabulous presentation"

Body Language Of Leaders: Moving Teams & Motivating People

What makes great leaders stand out? They understand the power of non verbal communication. This program reveals the secrets of the silent signals in communication, influence and persuasion. Decoding body language isn't a natural state of mind. Knowing where to sit, how to project persuasive signals or effectively decode deception will impact the overall meeting. Additionally, these silent signals will aid in breaking any barriers of resistance quickly and help establish rapport in both positive and difficult conversations.

Lisa McLellan

Conference Attendee: Chicago IL

"Eliot Hoppe is an energetic and exciting speaker. He couples humor with valuable information to deliver a truly fabulous presentation"

Speak EZ: Unlock Your Confidence And Win Any Conversation

Public speaking is considered one of the most fearful activities a person can face. People tend to be overwhelmed and stressed before they even step up to the microphone, enter the boardroom or even need to present to a fellow team member.

It doesn't have to be this way! What if you could get up in front of an audience with calm, cool confidence? What if you could deliver your message without any fear or hesitation?

With this program, Speak EZ: Unlock Your Confidence And Win Any Conversation, we can make it happen. Imagine speaking confidently in any situation, engaging and inspiring your audience while comfortably expressing yourself.

This program is designed to help you take the sweat and fear out of speaking forever. It will further encourage you, motivate you and provide a safe place to learn so that you can replace a current fear with future excitement.

Advanced Neuro-Sales Training: The Psychology Of Mind Influence

It's no secret that understanding the psychology of mind influence is critical to success in business, but it can be difficult to learn these skills on your own.

Most people never invest the time to learn about the psychology of how our mind is influenced. Most business training involves around either product knowledge or the sales process.

This training program takes a deep dive into the world of business communication, collaborative influence and ethical persuasion. Additionally, this seminar introduces audience members to the new science behind NLP skills at all three communication styles: Verbal; Non Verbal and Body Language Communication.

Considered by many to be the leading edge in decoding the psychology of influence, this program is perfect for anyone who wants to increase their sales skills, influence with ease or simply become more persuasive.

Louise Paffrath

Director, Exectuive & Business Administration

"It was amazing how quickly time went by. I thoroughly enjoyed it and the feedback I received was certainly positive! You're a great speaker and very easy to listen to..."

Chip Kanouse - Louisville - KY

Director, National Sales

"It was amazing how engaged our team of veteran account managers were. I haven't seen this much interest in training from them in years. You certainly connected with them in a special way which is why we would like to invite you back and speak at our sales conference in August"

Workplace Communication: Essential Skills For DEI Impact And Influence

In today's workplace, diversity, inclusion, and equity policies are no longer optional - they're essential. And that means communication skills are more important than ever before.

Leaders need to be able to effectively communicate these policies to individuals and teams, while also fostering a culture of open communication. That way, everyone can feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and ideas, and working together to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

By developing strong communication skills, leaders can help ensure that these important policies are carried out effectively, and that everyone in the organization feels valued and respected.

Superior communication skills allow leaders to create a safe and inclusive environment where everyone feels heard. Through active listening, clear messaging, and genuine empathy, leaders can build trust and understanding within their teams.

As we navigate these challenging times, communication skills will continue to be critically essential for creating positive change within any organization.

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