The Ultimate Introduction To NLP

2 Day Masterclass

The Ultimate Introduction To NLP

2 Day Masterclass

Learn in two days

what others might never learn in a lifetime!

If you want to learn NLP and are ready to really take your life to the next level, then this is absolutely the perfect starting point for you.

  • Benefits your business and personal life
  • Benefits your confidence at being persuasive
  • Benefits your mental health and wellbeing

  • Benefits your ability to deal with difficult people
  • Benefits your ability to become irresistible
  • .... And so much more

Eliot Hoppe

Lead Trainer - NLP

Eliot is a Certified NLP Trainer, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Corporate Speaker empowering positive change in others! His seminars and workshops educate us on how our brain and thoughts can influence our feelings and wellbeing and exactly what to do about it. This program is like no other and is guaranteed to ensure successful thinking, feeling and believing.

Here is a partial list of the NLP Skills you will learn,

1.Presuppositions of NLP

2.NLP Communication Model

3.Creating Well Formed Outcomes


5.Eye Access Cues

6.Decoding Other People

7.Changing Personal States of Mind

8.Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

9.Motivation Strategies

10.Learning Strategies

11.Reframing Thoughts

12.Integration of Successful Thinking

13.Linguistic Presuppositions

14.Hierarchy of Thought

15.The Meta Model

16.Waking Trance States

17.Conversational Hypnosis

18.Chaining Anchors

19.Dealing With Negativity

20.Dealing with Trauma

21.Eliminating Fears, Phobias, Stress & Anxiety

22.Non Verbal Influence (Decoding Body Language)

23.Deception Detection

... And so much more!

NLP Skills

Engineering Influence

We are counting down the days!

October 30 & 31, 2021

9:00am - 5:00pm (MST)

NLP is the study of excellent communication–both with yourself, and with others. It was developed by modeling excellent communicators and therapists who got results with their clients. NLP is a set of tools and techniques.

But it is so much more than that.

It is an attitude and a methodology of knowing how to achieve your goals and get results quickly. It is the ability to decide what matters to you, help others understand why it matters to you and then have them support those ideas.

You will benefit by:

Having your ideas heard

Gaining respect from others

Getting buy-in to your thoughts and suggestions

Having others listen when you speak.

Reading the emotions of others to truly understand what they are thinking and saying.

If you are a Therapist, Coach, Manager, Sales Professional or in any position that requires you to influence others, motivate change in behaviour or get people to collaborate and achieve a common goal, then this is the information that works for you.

Because communication is reciprocal, you need to skillfully listen and decode all the signals being relayed to you, from the other person. These signals include verbal, non verbal and body language communication skills.

Become more confident, happier and persuasive and also utilize these skills to help others become the best that they can be. Help others delete the discouraging words, let go of the negative self chatter and help them quickly move forward towards achieving more sales, collaborating more effectively or simply become more positive in their thinking.

This is your chance to learn in two days what others may never learn in a lifetime!

Seating is very limited and will sell out - so register today!

Overcome Limiting Beliefs

Find out how to discover the answers to what is holding you back

Unleash Your

Self Esteem

Find out how to unleash your self-confidence and full potential

Supercharge Your Momentum

Learn tools to motivate you and keep you motivated

Increase Your Influence

Learn the most innovative tools used in personal growth coaching

Skillfully Lead Others To Success

Learn how to increase your communication skills to influence others to be successful

Insulate Yourself Against Negativity

Learn how to quickly move from stuck states of mind to successful outcomes

About Microexpressions

Deception Detection

Register Today - Seating Is Limited!

This training will teach you the critical skills in communication to motivate yourself and successfully influence others.

This learning combines state-of-the-art behavioral science with real world practical experience to provide unique training in the fields of reading people, deception detection, threat assessment, and emotional intelligence. Everything we teach has been validated in science and vetted in the field.

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Why wait another minute to make positive changes that benefit you for a lifetime!

Join Us And Become The Irresistible Communicator You Want To Be!




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