Deception Detection

Deception Detection

We help consultants, therapists, coaches and experts like you detect deceptive behaviours through what the body reveals at the unconscious level. Developing these critical skills is both exciting and fun as we do a deep dive into learning how to read faces, micro expressions and body language communication all at once.

We are honoured to represent Dr. Matsumoto and Humintell as their affiliate in Canada.

About Microexpressions

Deception Detection

These Communication Skills Are Invaluable To Learn And The Matsumoto Method of Decoding Facial Expressions IS The Cutting Edge In Behavioural Science!

This learning combines state-of-the-art behavioral science with real world practical experience to provide unique training in the fields of reading people, deception detection, threat assessment, and emotional intelligence. Everything we teach has been validated in science and vetted in the field.

Learn Online or Have Eliot Come Into Your Conference To Deliver A Memorable Instructor Led Workshop On Deception Detection, Reading Faces And Non Verbal Influence!

Reading Faces

Learn how to read the micro-facial expressions that flash across the face in 1/25th of a second. These are fleeting emotions that flash across the face and reveal how the individual is REALLY feeling.

Deception Detection

Deception is all around us. People lie, mask and deceive for numerous reasons including self preservation or to protect those people whom the love and care about. Learn how to see past the lies - accurately!

Identify Threats

Because we have been able to isolate exactly which faces are associated with an impending attack, we can teach you to identify them. The purpose is to alert you of the need to be more on guard, and perhaps take protective action.

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