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Tonya Reiman:
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Kevin Hogan : Author of
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Gary May: Founder of "The
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Dave Lakhani Author of
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Mark Victor Hansen, founder and co-creator of  "Chicken Soup for the Soul" book series
Mark Victor Hansen,
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"Chicken Soup for the Soul"
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Mark Joyner Author of "Simpleology"
Mark Joyner
Author of "Simpleology"
Gestures in Business: Cultural Differences? A Great Impression - It's all in
your hand (shake)!
How to Spot a Liar!Persuade Others by Simply
Using Your Head!

"Eliot provided some real insight into how non-verbal communication can influence the persuasion process."
Andrew Gibb, UK

"Learning that gestures can send a non-conscious communication either matching the verbal message or disagreeing was extremely beneficial for all my future speaking engagements."
Brian Latta

"Powerful, to the point, content rich this guy delivers the goods!"
John A. Palumbo, Author of What's Your $ales DNA, Jacksonville, FL

"Sincere useful information that will become an asset to any business experience. Eliot is a body-language whisperer."
Dr. Peter Helton

"Eliot Hoppe has an entertaining way of bringing home to power of non-verbal communication and its pre-eminent importance in persuasive business."
Elsom Eldridge, Jr.

"Eliot's command of body language is only surpassed by his ability to communicate the nuances of a language that most people take for granted. Great content and advice that I will put to work this very day."
Alvaro Gonzalez, Miami, FL

Eliot with Elsom Edlridge Jr.
Eliot with Elsom Eldridge Jr.
"The Consultants' Consultant"

"Eliot, that was an excellent presentation. Great information on body language. I will use the information immediately. Thank you."
Michael Roth, DC

"Eliot is the MASTER of
body language."

Isidoro Yee, DDS, Guatemala City

"Eliot Hoppe is an energetic and exciting speaker. He couples humor with valuable information to deliver a truly fabulous presentation."
Lisa McLellan

Eliot with Ben Mack
Eliot with Ben Mack, author of
"Think Two Products Ahead"

"Eliot was fantastic in presenting to us today about body language. His message came across clearly with just the right amount of humor. I look forward to having him present in my training groups in the future."
Roland Michelli

"Eliot taught me very quickly about the importance of body language and how quickly what my non verbal communication is perceived by the people I come in contact with."
Dale Bell
[email protected]

Eliot with Mike Bullard
Eliot with Mike Bullard,
Canada's funniest comedian
NewsTalk 1010

"Eliot is informative, humorous, engaging – his style is approachable and extremely useful...applies to work and personal life – immediately applicable! Inspiring Speaker!"
Sonya Lenzo

"Eliot, Terrific presentation! Thank you for making me realize how to give and accept a proper handshake. Looking eagerly forward to more from you!"
Jeremiah Thompson

"A very fun, warm and sincere fellow. The aspects of body language that he reveals are instantly useable and effective. Easy to trust and likeable."
Allen Scott

"I felt the information he relayed was very powerful and immediately useable. He has a very relaxed style and is very funny. He was enjoyable to listen to."
Tim Kraft, Chicago, IL

"Eliot's gentle, welcoming manner reveals his knowledge in non-verbal communication. He not only delivered great information he was very entertaining and everyone in the room enjoyed the experience!"
Judy Munroe, Atlanta, GA

"I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation as in just a matter of minutes I learned a lot about body language that I can definitely use in everyday living. Good job."
Don-Alan Rekow, Girona, Spain

"Eliot is a fantastic presenter who offers both great actionable content and the ability to break it down so that people at all levels of your organization can relate."
Rob Northrup

"I loved the information on how to counteract someone who is trying to pull a 'power play' while shaking hands. Thanks – great info!"
Scott Evans, CPA, Scottsdale, AZ

"My experience of Eliot's public speaking was profound and absolutely enjoyable. He demonstrates solid and definite clarity with information that is worthwhile and beneficial for me. An adept and admirable professional."
David Power, Clinical Hypnotherapist

Body Language Services with Eliot Hoppe

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Body Language Training Video - Pointing

Body Language Training Video – Pointing

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This video examines a common gesture—pointing.

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Body Language Boardroom Basics: The Non Verbal Signals You Must Decode!

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"Body Language Boardroom Basics: The Non Verbal Signals You Must Decode!"
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Body Language Training - Pointing

Body Language Online Training

Micro Facial Expressions
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Body Language Online Training

Body Language Training Program

In this NEW and information rich training program, you will save time and learn quickly about the second layer of communication taking place every time we interact with others.

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Body Language Online Training

New Facial Expression Training & Deception Detection

Have you ever thought someone was lying to you, but couldn’t prove it? Wish you could tell how people really felt? Well, you can.

As popularized by the hit TV show Lie to Me, this online training will help you recognize micro and subtle expressions and detect deception in others.


"Eliot Hoppe is one of the finest speakers I've seen.  He entertains, trains, teaches and connects with audiences leaving them with lots of "take-a-ways".  There are only a handful of really competent sales experts out there.  Hoppe is one of them.  He helps people bring out the best in themselves."
            Kevin Hogan – Author of "The Psychology of Persuasion"

Body Language: Your Feet Say a Lot!

Did you know that the brain speaks to the hands more often than any other body part?

This occurs because we habitually gesture with our hands as we communicate with others. Have you ever caught yourself on the telephone talking with someone else and using your hands and other body movements to emphasize a point or conclude a statement? Of course, we all have.

What about the feet though? Have you ever considered how much information is relayed through foot position and movement? A lot!

Unlike the hands, the feet receive the least amount of attention from the brain. The feet however receive a lot of attention from the brain if the body is in “fight or flight” mode when feeling threatened or uncomfortable.

Take for instance a conversation between two people who are very interested in each other. Upon observation, you will probably note that their bodies and feet are pointed towards each other and slightly off set.

When standing, commonly we find our feet spread comfortably shoulder width apart and off set slightly towards a 45 degree angle.

When people are seated, sometimes you’ll observe an individual with one leg crossed over the other knee and the foot pointed towards the other person. A female will slowly bob their foot from the ankle in an up and down motion or rotate slowly in a circular motion when engaged and interested in the other person.

A male will usually touch the ankle area too when sensually interested in the other person. Sometimes you might observe a display of interest by gestures such as a subtle move to pull up a sock or if seated in a figure four position, slowly touching or rubbing their ankle area while engaged with the other person.

Both are examples non-verbal indicators of liking.

Of course there are other non-verbal signs to observe as well which makes up the cluster of gestures and body movements indicating interest. These could include such gestures as a genuine smile, a head tilt, open posture, nodding, touching, open wrist displays and others to name just a few.

But how can you tell when it’s time to move on or when the conversation is over. It’s simple, by observing the feet. If one (or both) of the individuals shift their leg(s) towards an exit or door, they are unconsciously saying something.

This display can mean that they are in disagreement with what was said, are finished with the conversation or physically ready to exit and move on. Body shuffling, micro facial expressions and other gestures can further conclude disinterest in that person or conversation.

Remember that the feet will tell the body where it wants to go at that particular time or moment. Therefore, the next time you are networking or find yourself at a social function, pay close attention to the direction of the feet of the other person or people around you.

This being said however, it’s also important to note to pay attention to our own feet and their position when communicating with others. Especially if our intent is not to let the other person know how you really feel.


"Eliot did a fantastic job of giving information that is immediately usable! He's very entertaining, and the information is very valuable!"
            Andrew Records, Seattle, WA

"Just wanted to take a moment to thank you again for your time yesterday.  I thought your session was invaluable.  As I had stated at the end of the session, I particularly enjoyed the piece on body language.  I was practicing it on my family last night and they were getting quite a kick out of it.  I've attended a lot of these types of sessions over the years and honestly usually have trouble staying awake.  I found yours to be entertaining and a good learning experience at the same time.  I look forward to the next time..."
            Sherry MacDonald – Sales Account Manager – Alberta, Canada

"What I found most intriguing about Eliot's presentation was the finer points of the message my handshake delivers. Also the skills to neutralize the other person's attempt to dominate with his handshake. His delivery and sense of humor made his presentation very enjoyable."
            Scott A. Bell, Jacksonville, FL

"Eliot, in 20 years of selling and having to attend several sales training programs, I must say that your communication mastery program was an absolute pleasure to sit through. Your segments on body language and the persuasion were of particular interest to me and I will be implementing my new found skills beginning tomorrow. I just subscribed to your ezine as well. Thanks for delivering such a great and fun program. I can't wait until the next one."
            Craig Ernst – Keller Williams Realty – New Orleans, LA

"...I thoroughly enjoyed and learned much from Eliot. His body language and handshake demonstrations were easy to understand and have made an impact on the way I use my hands."
            Dr. Jane Pelayo

"I would like to say thank you very much for the training I took on Wednesday December 19, 2007.  I have been in sales for over 25 years and have attended a lot of different sales seminars in my time and have never been so educated and impressed with the delivery of this material.  I want to thank you so much for your presentation.  I will be implementing all of the information into my sales calls and meetings. It was so awesome to walk away from this course with so much knowledge.
Thank you Eliot"
            Jill Chandler – Sales Account Manager – Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

"Learn from a master the art of non-verbal communications – an essential tool for anyone wanting more success in business and life."
            Gail Hurt, Career Management Professional, Austin, TX

"Eliot Hoppe is a Pro! He's motivated, energized and his positive attitude is highly contagious.  Eliot utilizes his highly successful background in Sales at some of Canada's top companies, to engage and empower.  Results from Mr. Hoppe's recent visit to Dallas are already translating to our bottom line! He comes with a high personal recommendation."
John McCoy – McCoy Media – Dallas, TX

"Eliot Hoppe helped us recruit and interview new reps for our three Alberta locations and identified opportunities for improvement in our sales process.  Through his training and coaching sessions, Eliot has provided the entire sales force with new tools which have helped improve success ratios considerably.  For any organization requiring a boost in sales, I highly recommend Eliot because of his obvious respect for the profession of sales, and his light-hearted, common sense delivery method."
            Mike Stewart  – General Manager – Alberta, Canada

"Hello Eliot, just wanted to give you a quick note to say I really enjoyed your training session on Wednesday.  I have been to a few large corporate training workshops and must say I found yours to be the most interesting and interactive.  Also I enjoyed the Body Language component...I think this gives any sales rep a large advantage in reading a potential client."
            Sean Kenny – Print Specialist – Calgary, Alberta

"As a senior sales executive, that has work in both fortune 500 companies, as well as start-ups, I have turned to Eliot Hoppe on numerous occasions to help increase sales output.  His programs have always been focused, informative and entertaining; they also deliver measurable results.  Having spent more than 20 years in the sales profession, I have personally benefited from sitting though Eliot's sessions and I would not hesitate to recommend him for any business-to-business sales force."
            John MacDonald – VP, Sales – Calgary, Alberta

Body Language Gestures and Cultural Differences!

Some may say that gestures can communicate as effectively as words. Some might argue, maybe even more than words.

In our personal and business lives, careful consideration must be given to whom we are with and where they are from.

A question that we might ask is; do we expect other cultures to adapt to our customs and protocol, or are we willing make an extra effort to learn more about how they prefer to communicate?

It wouldn't be the first time that someone who wasn't familiar with the communication customs of another country, found themselves in a rather embarrassing situation.

Many years ago, President Richard Nixon arrived in a foreign country and upon his arrival, stood at the top of the stairs leading from his aircraft door, and overlooked the welcoming crowd gathered below him. He smiled and proudly raised both hands high in the air, palms facing outward and gave a gesture of his trademark famous "Peace" sign (as he had done many times before while travelling abroad).

Could you imagine how he felt when the crown immediately began to jeer and hiss at the President as he found himself on the receiving end of a hostile and rude welcome?

The reason was because in the country he was visiting, the two fingered, palms outward "Peace" sign, which was acceptable in North America, was an absolutely offensive gesture to the local people in that African country.

This would have been the equivalent of a dignitary from another country visiting North America and with a smile, "flipped the bird" which in their country might have meant "greetings". As a member of the audience, how might you react?

In North America, a simple "thumbs up" gesture can mean that things are "great" or a hitchhiking sign which indicates "I need a ride". However, in Greece, this gesture signifies "up yours" when accompanied with a rapid upward and slower downward motion.

Or, how about the "OK" sign where the index finger and the thumb connect to make an "O" shape and the three remaining fingers point up and slightly flare out. Although acceptable in Western culture to signal that things are "A-OK", in Russia or Turkey, this gesture can represent a sexual insult, specifically an orifice (that's as far as I'll go with that).

As you can see, it is really important to know your audience and if traveling to other countries, you need to be aware that some of the most commonly acceptable gestures at home can have a completely different meaning to someone from abroad.

In some countries such as France or Italy, it is acceptable to exchange a kiss on one or both cheeks while shaking hands upon greeting one another or before entering into a meeting.

In other countries such as Japan, this type of behavior is considered impolite as the Japanese are considered to be a "non-touch" society relative to other cultures.

The Japanese have a respectful custom to bow to each other with the most senior status person bowing the least and the least status person having to bow first and display the deepest bend from the waist.

Business cards are exchanged and read first in a complex formality. This ritual is to determine the seniority, position or rank of everyone in the room first. Then the bowing gesture commences based on the information read.

In some instances, a small strategic change can ensure you make even a better impression.

For instance, while conducting business in Japan, it is wise to have your business card printed in both your language and the Japanese language as well. Although not mandatory, this courtesy is very well received and respected by Japanese business people.

What can be learned here?

  1. Save the embarrassment. (i.e. Careful if you thumb a ride in Greece ☺)

  2. Gain the competitive edge. A little research can go a long way prior to traveling abroad on business. As the saying goes, "In Rome, do like the Romans do". Get to know your audience and their customs.

Remember in business, it's about being prepared and establishing rapport quickly.

Demonstrating a sound knowledge of the cultural differences in nonverbal communication will get you noticed and others will appreciate that you are both respectful and prepared.

Take the time and invest in a little research to become culturally educated.

It might be the very thing that tips the scales in your favor and will give you the competitive edge you're looking for.

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Watch a demo of Eliot on Body Language: Cutlural Differences and Gestures
Watch a demo of Eliot on Body Language Expert: Cutlural Differences and Gestures


Preview NEW Body Language Training Program
Preview NEW Body Language Training Program

Eliot Hoppe on the Global TV Morning Show on Body Language
Eliot Hoppe on the Global TV Morning Show on Body Language

Eliot Hoppe on Breakfast TV Calgary on CityTV for Valentines Day and Body Language
Eliot Hoppe on BT Calgary for Valentines Day and Body Language

"I learned more about non-verbal communication in dealing with business than ever before. The information is extremely valuable. I will be able to use this information today to strengthen my business and personal relationships. Eliot is an extremely experienced communicator and we can all benefit from his information."
Dr. John M. Turner, Atlanta, GA

Online Training
Test Your Knowledge – The Smile
Test Your Knowledge – The Smile

The Handshake Secret - Body Language
The Handshake Secret

"I liked him instantly! Very smooth & comfortable to listen to. Great ability to connect with the audience. Was able to get the audience involved effortlessly. Both funny and educational. Great demonstrations of what he was teaching. Look forward to hearing more from him!"
Sabrina Peterson, Seattle, WA

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"Fantastic seminar!! Eliot is an excellent and sincere speaker on the value of personal interaction. His demonstration of proper touch and handshake has been invaluable. Take advantage of the opportunity to attend an Eliot seminar on body language, you won't be disappointed."
Brent Detering, Idaho Falls, Idaho

Everyone's Guide to Body Language, Forward by Kevin Hogan
Everyone's Guide
to Body Language

How to decode
the emotions of others!

"Eliot has helped me bridge my unconscious behavior with my actions to establish my true feelings. Thank you for the invaluable information."
Matt Shields, Shields Electric, Cleveland, Ohio

Eliot presenting in Las Vegas March 2008
Eliot presenting in Las Vegas

"Eliot demonstrated real life subtleties of body language. This information will have a sure-fire effect on anybody who communicates for a living. Better communication means more $ for you and your customers. THANK YOU for the insights."
Bob Mark, Myerstown, PA

"Your presentation was absolutely wonderful! You were able to create a lot of interest in a subject that I've never had interest in. I'm curious to see your next one."
George Athan, Deer Park, NY

Body Language Boardroom Basics: The Non Verbal Signals You Must Decode!
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"I loved Eliot because I found his information on dominance in body language to be particularly valuable. I will definitely put this new knowledge to good use in my business and personal life."
Rachel Webb, San Antonio, TX

"I thought I knew everything about body language, but you taught me more in the time you spoke than in many of the years I've studied the art of body language. You are an incredible, impressive and authentic speaker."
Michelle Drum-Matteson, BS Organizational Psychology, The Maven of Mud Marketing

May 2008 Profit Magazine interviewed Eliot on Body Language
May 2008 Profit Magazine interviewed Eliot on Body Language

"Wow!!! Eliot taught me something that is absolutely part of every sales meeting I've ever been on or ever go to... Truly outstanding!"
Gary May, England

"One of the greatest body language trainers I have encountered. Simply brilliant!"
Michael C. Neumann

"Wow, I was very impressed with Eliot's presentation and level of knowledge. He showed me things that I can use now. Great speaker."
Steve Chambers

"From hand shake to mind shake, Eliot delivers smooth, easy to learn and valuable information."
Antoine Mandy

"Eliot's demonstration of the various unconscious signals a simple handshake is conveying really hit home. Great value!"
Paul Bielby
[email protected]

"The insights I learned from Eliot about the power plays of something as simple as a handshake was very insightful and I will never look at a handshake the same again and I am sure his technique that he taught me will give me an advantage in all situations – business or social. Thank you Eliot."
Michael Straumietis, Abbotsford, BC, Canada

Ron Stubbs and Eliot
Ron Stubbs and Eliot
International Stage Entertainer

"Eliot was informative and entertaining. I was engaged every step of the way. A hand shake will never be a hand shake again!"
Jay Hughes

"Eliot's powerfully pragmatic demonstration of non-verbal communication will add directly to my bottom line in 2008. The edge I was looking for in my negotiation tool kit."
Sheridan Randolph
Chattanooga, TN

"Eliot had fascinating, new information on non-verbal communication that even I didn't know (and I know quite a bit about body language). Based on solid knowledge of NLP and proxemics, his principles are useful for any serious business audience. Highly recommended."
Marc Mays

"It was interesting to learn and understand body language both spoken and unspoken. Shaking hands with another person will never be the same. It was a very pleasant experience to hear you speak."

"Eliot was an engaging and knowledgeable speaker. I learned a few things that I can apply immediately to my own work."
Jennifer Skinner, Hancock, NH

"Eliot is one of the most knowledgeable as well as likeable presenters I have had the pleasure of seeing. His information on the handshake/power play can instantly help you gain confidence when meeting new people."
Kevin Tucker

"Eliot is an amazing speaker. He can really empower sales teams. I am confident that he can help me to achieve more."
Marieke Hensel

"Eliot has a great handle on sales. His focus is on the really important stuff. The interpersonal relationships people have with their prospects. Really enjoyed his presentation to us."
Bob Isaacson

"After decades of sales trainings and success in sales, I still didn't really know what goes on in a sale until I heard Eliot speak. At last, a true sales Master! And for once I not only stayed awake for the whole talk, but I couldn’t wait to hear more. Thank you Eliot for waking me up to a whole new sales world and even more success!"
Michael D, Vancouver, BC

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